Tuesday, June 9, 2020

A Purpose for Each Day

Okay, full disclosure, I have been following the FlyLady method for 7 years now. Up until I found FlyLady I just ran around basically "putting out fires". My schedule somewhat was based around my kids school schedule when they attended public school. So that helped a little. But when we decided to homeschool them, well, things got sketchy.

I spent many years trying new things with how I scheduled school but I didn't really have anything in place for taking care of my home. I had older kids for sometime that helped, but when they grew up and moved out (the last one left in 2012) and I still had 4 little ones at home, I found myself lost. After nearly a year "on my own" I sat down one day and cried. I was overwhelmed and frazzled. I did a search on the computer about taking care of my home. Up popped FlyLady. Of course I was skeptical. But, I decided to take a leap of faith and just follow the plan. In a matter of months, I had things very well under control.

So, one of the things that has been most helpful to me was the "Daily Focus". When a mom is home all day, everyday, she can lose track of life. So these recommended daily focuses were a life saver. Here they are as recommended by FlyLady:

Monday: Weekly Home Blessing
Tuesday: Plan and Play
Wednesday: Anti-Procrastination Day
Thursday: Errand Day
Friday: Date Night/ Car and Purse clean out
Saturday: Family Fun Day
Sunday: Renew Your Spirit

I have followed this pretty close to the letter. I have changed out things to fit the week if other things pop up but this is a good general plan. It's a great starting point if you are needing direction. I just followed it to the letter until I got my house in order and decluttered and my routines flowing.

I will explain a little about each day.

Monday: Weekly Home Blessing...Just a quick tidy of your home that should take no longer than an hour to complete.

Tuesday:Plan and Play...Pay bills, make a menu, start a shopping list then enjoy something that you like doing.

Wednesday: Anti-Procrastination Day...Take care of something or some things that you have been putting off (Like cleaning out the fridge for example).

Thursday: Errand Day...shopping, taking back library books, dropping off packages to be mailed, getting an oil change. basically anything that needs to be done outside of the home.

Friday: Date Night/ Car and Purse clean out...plan an evening with your husband. Clean out your purse of old receipts and Kleenex, etc. and tidy up your car from errand day.

Saturday: Family Fun Day...spend time with your kids and husband having fun.

Sunday: Renew Your Spirit...attend church, rest, spend time reading your Bible.

This is a very helpful schedule to order your days. It can be adjusted to fit your home and lifestyle. But, this is a good model by which to begin. If you are completely lost, then just let this be how you work your days for a little while until you have gotten things under control.

Thank you for stopping by! Until next time stay safe and take care!

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