Friday, April 17, 2020

Why schedule?

Hello Friends!

Why schedule your day? That is an excellent question! Many ladies who stay home ask themselves this and the answer is because it creates order in your home and your life. Starting with a simple thing like when do we eat dinner will be a good jumping off point. It seems odd maybe to start there but if you do that then you can work you way backwards. For example:

6:30 Dinner
5:30 Dinner prep
3:00 Snack time (if you have children home)
12:00 Lunch
8:00 Breakfast

Something like that. Not everyone gets up in the morning at the same time or eats dinner at the same time but they do eat. So having some idea or a set time for when dinner should be ready to eat I think is a good starting place for a schedule.

Now I don't schedule every moment of my day. When I had small children and babies then the schedule revolved around their naps and bedtimes. And, if you have little ones you can do the same. The idea here is to make a plan for your day so that it is not just wasting away and so you can be productive and not feel like life has no purpose. Being a stay at home mom for many years I have known that feeling.

It helps your mind to be on some kind of schedule, even if it is just a loose one. I even go as far as to set alarms on my phone for certain things so that the time doesn't get away from me and I am caught in a jam because of it.

The next thing I have scheduled for many years now is bedtime for the kids. Yes, my kids have a bedtime and it is wonderful! There is something settling in my mind knowing that my kids will be in bed at 8 that keeps me going throughout the evening just so I can get to that point. It's like having a "quitting time" from a job. Once they are tucked away in their beds well then Mom gets to relax! It is good for the kids too! They know when the day ends for them and a routine for a kid is also settling for them.

Our evening goes like this:

5:30 I start dinner and the kids start showers.
6:30 We eat dinner
7:30 I clean up my kitchen and the kids get ready for bed. This means they tidy up, turn off their games and computers and get their teeth brushed. They can watch something on tv until 8.
8:00 We say prayers and goodnights and it's lights out. And momma does a happy dance!

Now it's grown up time. I take a shower, watch some shows or videos, chat with people or read. You know, just whatever. Then a few hours later, I retire as well.

Then we start all over again the next day. This helps define the days and gives it purpose. Next we will talk about routines!

Until next time, stay safe and take care!

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